Global Heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth will blow your mind. To cover more details, read below.

We all know Leonardo for his work in “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born on 11th of November, 1974. Being an actor, Leonardo is also a producer and environmentalist. He was born in Los Angeles and got his first project in a TV commercial. As of 2019, his films have earned US $7.2 billion worldwide. The industry seniors consider that he got his major break in Titanic. Leonardo’s career literally was changed after Titanic. His net worth for now is $260 million.

How Leonardo’s career started?

Leonardo got his first real and major project in 1993 in movie called “The Boy’s Life”. As for Titanic, it was released in 1997. This movie was highest grossing movie at that time and it received love on international level. It also starred Kate Winslet. However, as already mentioned, his first project was a television advertisement. He landed Mattel Commercial for the company’s matchbox cars when he was just 14 year old.

Well, after Titanic, Leonardo was starred in Steven Spielberg’s “Catch Me if You can”, a crime film which was released in 2002 and grossed $352 million worldwide. After these hit movies, Leonardo is still unstoppable. He was also starred in Nolan’s Inception (have you watched it? Yet not? Go give it a watch). Moreover, Leonardo’s movie have at least grossed $193.7 million worldwide.

How much do Leonardo warn on an average?

His first biggest earn was $1 million from “The Basketball Diaries” in 1995. He then earned $20 million from “Catch Me if You Can”, “Aviator”, “The Departed” and “Blood Diamond”. Leo also became a real estate tycoon around 199os. Imagine spending $1.6 million on a home in Malibu that too with oceanfront!!! Well Leo already did it in 1998. He is also involved in philanthropy and established a foundation (Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation) dedicated to environment in 1998.