What To Eat Before And After You Exercise? Know about Eating Habits And Meals that Play Vital Role In Improving Your Health!!

Eating habits before and after exercising matters the most as the body requires different fuel for different exercises.

Baylor College Of Medicine orthopedic surgery assistant professor and dietitian Roberta Anding says one must know their diet, and understand what their body can tolerate and what not.

Those who exercise before breakfast and exercise heavily or strength train they should go for liquid fuel, any sports drink, and diluted juice will keep the body stirring. If feeling nausea then you can also do ‘swish and spit‘, means sip your drink and spit it out, it will help in taking some amount of carbohydrates in the body.

If you’re doing moderate exercise then take light carbohydrate, which can be found in banana, oatmeal, etc.

Those who sweat out in the evening they must pay special attention to their meals. You don’t have to skip your lunch before exercise, it will make you more hungry and you end up overeating. Anding says for dinner ‘protein and carbohydrates’ should be added to avoid overeating and to remain fit.

Eating before exercising also depends on time, eat mostly 2 hours before exercise. You can add oatmeal, whole grain crackers, sweet potatoes, cheese, a sports bar in your diet. Avoid low-carbohydrate meals as they contain high fat and sugar level.

Anding suggests to not go for energy-bars before a light workout.