Was the ‘Sundance festival’ One of the Major Reasons behind Rapid Spread of COVID-19 in USA? Check Out the Full Story Below.

The Sundance festival, which is the largest film festival of the USA  which takes place every year in the month of January in Utah, and has been happening for years, took place this year as well, and started on January 23, 2020.

Sources reveal that this festival might be the reason why coronavirus spread early, maybe it was the hotspot as over lakhs of people were present there, and even on the day, it started the lockdown also started that itself in China. So might be in the USA, this was one of the major reasons for the pandemic outbreak. 

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This is confirmed as most patients reported that they started feeling sick after returning from the festival; they felt they possessed the coronavirus symptoms. Of course, this sundance festival can be held responsible for the virus transmission and to spread it throughout the town, reaching out to everyone. 

The team related to the sundance festival revealed that they did not have knowledge about some of their people who were already unwell. Also, the main in-charge head of the festival revealed that they did not know anything that this festival might become one of the reasons people get infected with such a pandemic. 

But yes, of course, if thousands of people were present there and if someone already infected came in contact with others, it will obviously lead to increasing the spread of this virus.  

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Talking about the statistics of coronavirus in the USA, over 75,000 people have died till now, and Lakhs of people are infected. This does not stop until people stop coming in contact with each other, especially the infected ones having symptoms feel like coronavirus. 

For the situation to come into control, it is important to follow social distancing.