Tesla Chief Elon Musk Responds to a Johnny Depp’s Fan over Cheating Allegations with Amber Heard

Recently twitter is flooding with trolls about Elon Musk’s Baby’s name. But there is one more thing which involves him and his girlfriend, Amber Heard. It looks like Elon Musk recently responded to all the rumors and tweets about his girlfriend cheating on Jonny Depp (the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean) in their marriage.

Johnny Depp’s team posted a video of Elon canoodling Depp’s penthouse elevator at the time when Johnny was shooting for some film in Australia. This all proves that Amber was cheating on her husband with Musk.

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However, Musk broke his silence about his ex-girlfriend being alleged for cheating. He responded, saying, this all is not true. According to him, JD’s team knowingly hid the date and time in that video. He was there at the time when Amber and Johnny already got separated. However, this reply is not so convincing for the fans. Therefore many fans were not convinced by this and still suspects that Amber was cheating in her marriage.

One of Depp’s fans replied, saying the staff of the building testified for this. According to them, Musk was seen in the penthouse multiple times while JD was shooting for a film in Australia. Elon further added, why JD would want to believe he got chunked so badly. Later some other fan Unbeknownst also trolled Musk for the same reason.

In the present, Musk has moved on with Grimes and has recently welcomed a newborn. He and Amber ended their relationship mutually. They were not able to give enough time for each other because of their busy schedules. The things put by Musk are hard to believe. All the fans still think Amber was a major reason behind their separation.