Protective Gears are an Essentially During the Pandemic – Learn How to Make Face Masks at Home

Nowadays, in such a serious and pandemic time, when everyone is just rushing to find masks, why not make one at home itself?

Won’t it be safer and easy to use if you make it yourself?

Mentioned below is the easiest way you can make a mask at home.


Materials: An old T-Shirt, Scissors

                                               Pic credits- unknown


Start with an old T-shirt, ideally 100% cotton. Measure 7-8 creeps from the base, and cut along the two sides of the T-shirt with the goal that your veil has two layers.

Slice a square shape around 6 to 7 inches in length the long way to make the tie strings. Tie one string around your head and the other around your neck.

Also, it is recommended by the CDC that wears masks as much as possible, it is the best way to perform social distancing, however not everywhere should one wear a mask like while at the home, car, etc.

Fabric face covers formed from family things or made at home from normal materials with ease can be utilized as an extra, willful general wellbeing measure.

Material face covers ought not to be set on little youngsters under age 2, any individual who experiences difficulty breathing, or is oblivious, crippled, or in any case, unfit to expel the veil without help.

The material face covers suggested are not careful covers or N-95 respirators. Those are basic supplies that must keep on being saved for medicinal services laborers and other clinical people on-call, as suggested by the current CDC direction.

Some things to keep in mind while wearing and removing the cloth mask- spot your cover over your mouth and nose. Tie it behind your head or use ear circles and ensure it’s cozy, Try not to contact your veil while wearing it on the off chance that you coincidentally contact your veil, wash or clean your hands.