Are you a fan of construction and management simulation games? Then Tropico is for you: read to know about all the details and our review on the game.

The Tropico game has faced a wide variety of threats in overtime. These threats are both small and large, domestic and foreign. Tropico is familiar with political instability, occasional nuclear tests, and international interference. Still, the island keeps rising over the metaphorical and literal ashes. This gets correct for the island, and so is for the series and iterations.

The new franchise entry that is the Android and iOS port of Tropica 3 is a really interesting game that all the hardcore mobile gamers must-have. People who have played the city builder games on PC must be familiar with the mobile edition of Tropica.

The players of this game get to be the ‘El Presidente’ of the island. The position is of the newest despot to ascend to all the powers of the place. Well, the most interesting fact is that the position comes with a wide range of personalization facilities. Players get an opportunity to select from the various historically significant Central American Heads of State. And if they want, they can even make their own autocrat.

For beginners, the game seems like a tricky puzzle that they need to solve. Thus, players must attend the tutorial before arriving on the campaign of the island. Because in the earlier campaign missions, the new players will get dissuaded by what the game demands from them. However, if they play the game on an easy or moderate map, things will get clearer to them.

The game requires a good deal of map navigation and getting used to the touchscreen controls. The new players might face difficulty while playing, that’ll be because of the touch controls. So for all those who are new in the game, you’ll get used to it after some practice.