Jonah Hill: Five Craziest Facts that You Might Not Know About the Renowned Star

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Jonah Hill is known for his amazing work in the industry. But there are some facts which are not known by many people. Number one being, he swears a lot, a lot more than we think.

  • Recently Hollywood reporters have discovered a new fact about Jonah Hill. As Samuel L. Jackson is famous for swearing the most as it happens, he is not Jonah Hill has already broken the record for swearing the most. According to Buzz Bingo, Jonah Hill has sworn more than any other actor in the Hollywood industry, which happens out to in 3,500 scripts. “The Wolf of Wall Street” is the movie in which he has sworn the most as Donnie Azoff. This character is at the third top of the list for swearing-in that film.
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  •  Jonah grew up with Dustin Hoffman’s kid, and this has actually helped him in getting a career in industry. He dated Ali Hoffman for nine months, but this relationship is still alive forever, even after their separation.  James Franco’s 2016 movie “Why Him?” movie was inspired by their relationship.


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  •  The very charming actor Brad Pitt who was once part of the Hanna Montana series on Disney. And also has done other famous roles, he once let Jonah stay at his home for almost four months while he was filming for 21 Jump Street.


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  •  One fact about Jonah is that he wanted to become a writer. Even he has done some work as a writer in his movie “The Adventurer’s Handbook.” Jason Schwartzman was stared in this film.


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  • Jonah, in an interview, has also told that he’d wanted to become a hip-hop director before becoming an actor. He also told that as a kid, he wanted to grow up and live the fictional life of Town Springfield from The Simpsons. Although he voiced, Andy Hamilton is The Simpsons.


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