The Last of Us is coming in the form of a board game very soon and it has been announced! Here is everything you need to know.

We all are familiar with one of the most critically acclaimed game, The Last of us. And now, there’s news that the game is ready to come up on the tabletop courtesy of CMON. CMON has always collaborated with Sony Interactive Entertainment many times for the God of War and Bloodborne project and now once again they are all set to do a partnership with each other.

This time they have teamed to bring up Ellie and Joel to the new world of cards, dice and miniatures. The board game, The Last of Us is one of the most popular one because it is the very first board game that was inspired from the hit series of Naughty Dogs.

There’s a huge fan base for this game, thus, they are working hard on this tabletop edition to come up with every minute things fans love about this game. The addictive mix of the survival based gameplay, tension and firefights everything will be back with more thrill and excitement. In addition, the makers have also planned to pay more focus to emotional storytelling and poignant.

The CMON said that they will keep coming up with the excitement and thrill and make the series more deep and emotional since they are able to recognize the love the fans have for this game in their hearts. The VP of entertainment and head of licencing of CMON said that he was completely stunned to experience The Last of Us part 11 after experiencing The Last of Us first part years ago.

Not much have been disclosed yet, but we hope that we’ll be able to get more news soon. Fans are desperately waiting to see how the narrative elements of CMON will be in the new version.