Rocket League has decided to go for free-to-play mode for the fans and has broken concurrency records across the world! Want to know what we are talking about? Check it out here.

The multiplayer game, Rocket League has got a shift in its life. 23 September, 2020 was a huge turning point for it. Well, it’s a big news for the players. The game has made its football-with-cars antics available on all the platforms, that too for free. Isn’t it a great news that now you could play it without being charged even a penny?

However, the current steam version can be used by the existing steam players. And they will also have access to all the updates. But as there are thorns with roses, there’s also some problems with this. Changing the game to a free one from a mid priced one has disrupted the server inevitably.

There are a number of new competitive games arriving in the market regularly so the decision was totally apt to increase the game’s popularity. And the good news was announced by Rocket League by its official Twitter handle. They made an announcement that all the challenges, tournaments and additional features of the Rocket league are under this degradation.

However, the franchise was somehow able to make the servers stable but there’s a concern that it shouldn’t happen for a long term. Whatever problems may come in the game’s way, but it is shining brighter than ever plus, the future seems to be more brighter.

The Psyonix Studios which is the game’s maker has shared the news on their Twitter handle that there are currently 1 million players of the game. And the fans claimed in the comments that the records have rose upto 1.4 million and they expect to get more popularity. It is a great achievement for the makers. Ever since the game started 5 years ago the steam has been around 60,000 to 80,000.