Is there something romantic going on between Tracee Ellis Ross and Harry Styles Dating? A fan has recently spotted the couple out! Check this out.

There have been rumors that Tracee Ellis Ross and Harry Styles are dating. Well, we have brought all the details whether the news is true or not? So keep reading and find the answer.

The news got spread when a fan claimed that he has witnessed both of them at Pace in Los Angeles, which is an Italian restaurant. As per the reports, he revealed that he saw them around six to eight months before. It isn’t the right thing to reveal everything what he heard still he claimed that he listened them having some juicy talks too. He also said that they were talking about the wildest places to hook up and they also discussed about going to the bathroom together.

Ross and Styles haven’t talked about this news till now. They didn’t comment anything regarding this. To be honest, it’s unbelievable that any such thing can happen because Ross is specifically very conscious about her image. She is a private kinda person who doesn’t open much about her private life in front of the media or fans.

She has been in some relationships previously too and none of her previous relationships were too socially open. She once disclosed why she prefers being private. It’s because the actress was born in a very public family so it was very uncomfortable for her that all her information were always made public.

She added that she has decided that she will never make her love life public and she will abide by the decision she has made for herself. It’s her life and her dating life is hers. It’s not something she wants people to talk about among themselves. But since she’s a celebrity people will for sure do that.