Tech experts reveal their views about the development and features of PS5! Check it out.

Since the release of the next-gen consoles are almost upon us, what remains is which one gamers will pick

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be releasing during this holiday season, and comparisons between both consoles are already underway. In terms of being a more powerful machine, the Xbox takes the lead but PlayStation may yet be able to beat it when it comes to software.

Going head to head

Digital Foundry editor Richard Leadbetter says it’s really difficult to call which console is the better one as they have been created in different environments with different ideas in mind. He said that we can see the proof when Xbox Series X and PS5 games will be compared this November.

Leadbetter had a digital interview with Eurogamer editor Oli Welsh and when he was asked which out of the two is more powerful, he replied, “There are two ways to look at this. First of all, I can tell you every single developer I’ve spoken to developing for PS5 had been evangelising how easy it is to work for.”

He said that it has been developed in the same environment as the PS4 and they went up that scale with adding new features. The PS5 utilises variable frequencies referred to as ‘boost’. How it works is through an internal monitor which analyses workloads on both the PS5’s CPU and GPU and adjusts the frequencies accordingly. Theoretically, this helps it to reach GPU frequencies that are higher than expected, and extract more compute power.

Even though it’s not as powerful as the Series X on paper, Leadbetter says that Xbox has faced some issues since they’re working in a new environment. In conclusion, we will have to wait till how the games perform.


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