Joy Behar has expressed her wish of wanting Carole Baskin’s Dead Husband to appear on “Dancing with the Stars”! Check it out.

As we all know, recently Carole Baskin made her debut on the show, Dancing with the stars. And with her debut, Joy Behar, the view panelist made a wild suggestion, all because he hasn’t watched Tiger King.

On the 14 september episode of the twenty ninth season of Dancing with the stars Carole Baskin entered the show. If you do not know about her, she’s the owner of a big cat rescue in Florida. In addition, there’s also a hit Netflix docuseries on her.

Although Baskin’s performance wasn’t good enough and she was just able to grab eleven scores out of thirty, the audience got really excited on seeing her and she has been in the headline of all the reports about the show. Are you wondering why has this become such a big news? Well, here’s the answer.

The Tiger King fans didn’t take much time to recall how Joe Exotic, her rival accused Baskin for killing her ex husband Don Lewis. And he crossed all the limitations by alleging her saying that she fed his body to her cats by grinding him in a meat grinder.

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This doesn’t end up here. Seeing the debut of Baskin at Dancing with the stars show, Lewis’s family also came up against her and asked America to help them in solving the mystery behind Lewis’s disappearance.

After Baskin’s performance while the panelists were giving their feedbacks, Joy Behar talked about bringing Baskin’s husband back. Unfortunately, she never watched Baskin’s documentary and wasn’t aware that her ex husband is dead and she is the suspicious of it. However, the matter was later explained to Behar and then they continued reviewing her performance. But we do hope thay we get to know about Don Lewis’s case soon.