Rest in Pieces Mobile Game Review: A perfect horror 3D runner to get addicted to this quarantine! Check for details and major updates.

Here is a proper horror version of classic endless runner games

We are all familiar with runner games, ever since touchscreen devices became popular and with the introduction of Temple Run in 2011. Later it’s sequel came out and other games like Subway Surfers made the genre popular and people quickly found a new addiction.

Then in 2019 came Rest in Pieces, a runner game set in a very horror-esque setting, where instead of a human being, you are a porcelain doll dangling on a piece of string.

Creepy, but addictive

Source: Google Play Store

You won’t be running as well, instead you will be swinging left and right, and make sure not to hit anything as it will make you crumble to tiny bits. However, gravity and inertia will be a big factor and it can either make you or break you. One wrong swing and you are done.

On the way you have to collect whatever there is to collect, and pass the three checkpoints that will take you from one nightmare to the next. The controls are smooth and so are the graphics.

As for the horror theme, you may or may not like it, since it kind of represents a horror movie from the 80s and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it is something that we don’t see too often. You will have a variety of characters to play as, and will be playing as someone who is stuck in a nightmare.

But it captures that whole dramatic feel, and contains almost every nightmarish creature in it. The reviews that the game received are mainly positive and the only thing that players seem to disagree on is having five lives, which take a long while to replenish, similar to Candy Crush. 

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