Black Bullet Season 2 [LATEST UPDATE JUNE 2020]: delayed due to COVID 19! Check out new release date, cast, plot and more updates.

Details about Black Bullet

Black Bullet is a series adapted from a Light Novel of Japanese origin. The Manga Series begun in August 27, 2012 and ran till June 27, 2014. By now there have been 4 volumes of it. Whereas, the Anime Television series premiered on the screens in April 8, 2014 and streamed till July 1, 2014. It consists of 13 episodes and the streaming service is AT-X.

Black Bullet Season 2 AIR Date

Kinema / Citrus Studio have already made an official announcement about the Season 2 of Black Bullet. Black Bullet Season 2 will probably release in July 2020. However, the exact release date has not been revealed yet. Considering the present scenario, the series can delay due to the pandemic.

What is the expected plot for Black Bullet Season 2?

We are aware that Black Bullet will adapt its plot from Black Bullet Manga. In Season 2, continue the story from where the first season ended. Setting of the first season was in 2021. We got to see that human race is damaging by Gastrea, the parasitic virus.

People who aren’t affected by it are staying behind the large wall of Varanium walls. However, it was noticed that the newborn babies with Gastrea Virus were having some superhuman abilities.

But still these children were known as Cursed Children. The actual story revolves around Rentaro Satomi and his childhood friend Kisara Tendo with trainer Enju Aihara. He continuously tries to save Tokyo.

Thus, in Season 2, we will probably get to see how these superhumans are blending into human society and culture. These superhumans will be the one to help the people fight against the spread of the virus. Now let’s see what happens further in the upcoming episodes. Keep in touch with us, for more information.