Will you get to experience Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition on your PC? Probably NOT! Here’s why.

Capcom revealed why they wanted to make the game exclusive for next-gen consoles

Capcom has stated that Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition will not be releasing for PC, and gave a strange reason for not doing so. The expanded version of Devil May Cry 5 was revealed recently at the PlayStation 5 showcase, and was confirmed to be a next-gen launch title.


The game released last year, but fans are still hyped to experience the extended version. We will be getting swordsman Vergil, who is a hit with the gamers, as a playable character. Devil May Cry 3 and has followed the same pattern. We will also be getting the Legendary Dark Knight difficulty mode, which is a turbo mode that boosts the game speed by 20%, with frame rates up to 120.

So why won’t it release for PC?

According to a Capcom spokesperson, the reason that the game won’t be available for PC is because the game is “Specifically being developed and optimized to benefit the system architecture and leap in processing power offered by PS5 and Xbox Series X.” Vergil will be coming to every playable platform, but other features and updates will not be available for PC.


Of course, fans of the game who are PC players expressed their disappointment. DMC5 already got bad reviews on Steam as PC players demanded why they’re being treated as second-class citizens. PCs are certainly capable of reaching, or even surpassing, the Special Edition’s requirements, many are feeling offended for Capcom not doing anything for them.


It looks like Capcom is doing some cost-benefit analysis and decided that it’s not worth bringing the game to PC. The explanation was lukewarm and it can easily update it to fit PC requirements, so the only possible explanation is that they’re thinking purely from the financial point of view.


(Cover: Capcom)