Obsession with PUBG ended up killing a 13 year old boy in Pulwama! Check out for more details on this shocking incident.

Games are a good source of entertainment. But at times, people get over addicted to it and can even go beyond our expectations. One such unexpected things was done by a 13 year old boy who lived in Qasbayar village of Southern district Pulwama committed suicide after his father restricted him from playing the very famous PUBG games.


According to the reports, the boy was playing PUBG in his father’s smartphone. His father, Farooq Ahmad Bhat on the other hand told him to stop playing and eat his food first. And after this incident took place, the boy whose name is Asrar Ahmad’s body was found hanging in his house. No one was able to believe that such a small incident can lead a young boy to commit suicide. The addiction for PUBG has increased so much these days that children do not have control on themselves. They cannot even judge what’s right or wrong.

However, full details of the case isn’t available till now. The boy who committed suicide also had a small dispute with his younger brother while playing.

These battle royale games like PUBG and Call of Duty has become so much popular these days. Some awareness needs to be done to prevent young children from getting addicted to these games. Because, PUBG has already lead to a lot of deaths in this year.

Well, not just deaths the game has also lead to a lot of crimes such as thefts. A boy from Mohali stole around two lakhs from his grandfather just to buy some features in the game. Not just this, a 16 year boy from Punjab also stole 16 lakh rupees from his house for the same purpose.