What is the actual controversy regarding Britney Spears and why is #FreeBritney trending everywhere?

In a bad mental state, after Britney Spears shaved her fair off a few years ago, she was thought of as a mentally disturbed individual. her father with whom she never had a far relationship, rather a relationship filled with turmoils and disturbances had registered her with an advocate who ran the machinery of her life and the condition that she was deployed into.


She was then no more in charge of her life decisions, even the ones as critical as choosing a judge for herself. Her career was badly impacted in the later years to come. She could no longer sing in the fashion that she had chosen for herself. 


Her debut at the Mickey Mouse was highly regulated by those taking care of her singing. They made her sing in that way to make it more pleasing to the viewers of the show. The same was taken up by her fans and called it a detrimental move as that was a threat to her singing talent and was forcing her to only lip sing the songs that were composed by her.


Impacts that it caused

She left one job for the other and took up a show that would show mental health problems. She could empathize with them and hence took that step at an individual level. She recalled her moments of trauma in a documentary to express her feelings when everyone else was curbing that in her in which she ended up crying.


Her Instagram posts and stories have shown her mental trauma that is aggravating with time passing. She is indirectly calling out to her fans asking for help. The same trend has been started on social media sites requesting her to be freed from the trauma as that is seen skeptically. Some people say that she is alright, it’s only an effect of the lockdown. Whatever the case be, she seems to be asking for help.