What is rapper Takeshi 69 up to these days? Here is every latest update on him.

Rapper Daniel Hernandez was rumored to get affected by corona virus but luckily this isn’t true. However, he is in high risk to get infected through the virus because of his previous medical history. He already has asthma and also had some problems in his bronchitis due to which he can easily get infected through the virus. And as we all know corona virus is worst for people who are already suffering from some diseases like asthma, diabetes or any kind of lung problems.


According to the present reports shared by the legal team of 6ix9ine he will be completing the rest four months of his two years imprisonment in home arrest. The rapper will also have to wear a GPS monitor on his ankle which will provide his location reports to the jail authority.

The 23 year old singer was imprisoned because he was found participating in several gang robberies and shootings taking place along with the thieves and gangsters.


His case was judged by the US district judge Paul Engelmayer. He said that the pandemic has lead to such exceptional circumstances where they are compelled to take this decision because they can’t risk someone’s life.

Moreover, the legal team of 6ix9ine also informed the media that the rapper will be in home arrest for the next four months. However, he has got the permission to get back on social media. It’s a great news for his fans. And there’s one more good news. He will also be getting back in the music industry with two new albums, one of which he signed in October 2019 before going to prison. The project that he signed was of $10 million. And everyone has been waiting for it