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Get an in-depth on the armoured avenger and week 3 challenges in the game

Fortnite v14.10 update was something a lot bigger than fans anticipated. Season 4 was promising enough on its own and the new version has brought some crazy new changes to the map, most importantly Stark Industries.

Stark beacons have been available all weak and left players scratching their heads on what all this is going to lead up to. It ended up being a plan by Tony Stark to warp his industries into Fortnite island to help the heroes fight against Galactus. Thanks to the new POI, players now have a new boss to fight against: Iron Man himself.

Spawning and elimination

Locating Iron Man is easy. He’s inside Stark Industries, and Stark Industries can be easily spotted since it’s now using up a major portion of the map. It’s located where the Frenzy Farm area used to be. Enter the main building, get to the second floor, and you will find him.

Eliminating him is no joke. Epic has made him harder than the previous bosses. Walking up to him unprepared can be a huge mistake. The smart idea would be to create a proper loadout with enough weapons and ammo, and carry some health kits as you will definitely be taking damage. And look out for opponents, but you’re already aware of that, right?

A helpful tip would be to keep moving as his unibeam blasts can fry you. Another thing to do before fighting Jim would be to eliminate the stark bots and hack them. They will then aid you in fighting Stark. Defeating him is also one of the Week 3 challenges and will reward you 50,000XP.


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