Here are the Week 11 Xtravaganza Challenges you can Complete in Fortnite Season 4

While the Season 4 weekly challenges have ended, here’s chance for you to gain extra XP

The planet eating Galactus from the Marvel universe hasn’t landed on the Fortnite Island yet, so until he does, players can still grind and earn as much XP as they can, starting off by completing their Battle Pass and getting all the Marvel-themed rewards from it. The regular Weekly Challenges are over, but Overtime challenges from previous seasons, and other challenges will be coming every week, otherwise known as the XP Xtravaganza Challenges.

Completing these challenges can help you reach higher levels of the Battle Pass in case you haven’t already done it. The final reward will be Wolverine’s holo-foil skin. It’s presumed that the season will last throughout November.

This week’s tasks


Week 11’s challenges are similar to previous ones, and are nothing new to players. They are:

  • Deal damage of 500, 1000, and 2500 using scoped weapons
  • Use superpowers to eliminate 1, 3, then 7 opponents.
  • Use rifts ten times.
  • Upgrade weapons to a new rarity four times.
  • Visit all named locations in one match (17).

On how to use the rifts, there will be three stages:

  • Using ten rifts normally
  • Driving cars or trucks to pass through the rifts. You may have to build a ramp for it.
  • Using ten rifts in one match

As for the challenge involving weapons upgrade, they are:

  • Upgrade four of them to Uncommon rarity.
  • Upgrade four of them to Rare rarity.
  • Upgrade four of them to Epic rarity.

The challenges involving superpowers can be a bit hard, as you will first have to defeat the NPC bosses such as Doctor Doom, Iron Man or Wolverine to get some. But superpowers such as Silver Surfer’s Board and Groot’s Bramble Shield can be found at Quinjet landing areas.