GTA 5 Online [MAJOR UPDATE JULY 2020]: Weekly Grand Theft Auto refresh is here! Read to know everything you wanted to.

New rewards and discounts are available for players in the latest update

Let’s start off with some good news. While we have no news regarding GTA 6, though many claim that it’s in the works, we can see GTA 5 with its online version making its way to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This is reason enough for the game’s development team to add new content.

In the last update, we got to see the Casino, and it will take something great to top that. For the time being, the developers have provided some great rewards and discounts every week. The rewards and deals refresh every Thursday, so the last refresh had been at July 9th, at 9am BST.

New Rewards

  • Rewards in Business Battles, including the Statue of Happiness T-Shirt and the Supa Wet Beer Hat
  • Double GTA$ & RP in the Missile Base Series
  • Half off Independence Day Specials, such as the Liberator Monster Truck, the Firework Launcher, celebratory clothing, Face Paints and more
  • A Western Sovereign adorned with a custom livery is the latest Lucky Wheel top prize

  • 60% off Mammoth Avengers and their customizations, and 70% off all Bunkers, Hangars and Facilities
  • Half off all Yachts, select Vehicles and Arcade Properties
  • Twitch Prime Bonuses: A new round of GTA$200,000 bonuses for playing between July 2nd – 8th, with up to GTA$1,000,000 for playing between now and July 29th
  • PlayStation Plus Member Benefits: A GTA$1,000,000 bonus for playing between now and August 5th, plus earn GTA$1,000,000 each month for playing until the launch of GTA Online on PlayStation 5

  • Twitch Prime Discounts: A rebate on the base property purchase price of Pixel Pete’s Arcade, 80% off the V-65 Molotok jet fighter, and 70% off the Declasse Mamba

Check out your account to see if the above mentioned items are still available or has gone back to it’s normal rotation.

(Cover: Forbes)