Rick and Morty Season 5: when is it coming? Has the real Jerry been replaced because of ‘ticket theory’? Read for all updates.

While we wait for the next season to arrive, here are some theories that would keep us busy

The popular Adult Swim sci-fi comedy Rick and Morty premiered with its fourth season, late last year. While a season 5 has been confirmed, we are unaware of its release date or possible plot. But here are some questions remaining from season 4 that fans are speculating about.


Which Jerry are we seeing?

Let’s go back to season two. In the Mortynight Run, we saw that Jerry was dropped off at a Jerry Daycare Centre in a different universe. For collecting him at the end of the day, Rick and Morty were given a ticket with the digits 5126 written on it. But at the end of the day, Morty had lost the ticket. Rick started questioning if they had picked up the wrong Jerry.


As a result, we are not sure if the Jerry we have been seeing till now I’d the original C-137 or just some other Jerry from a different universe.

Another interesting take on this, which has been nicknamed “The ticket theory” is that we may be watching different families in different episodes. Even Jerry’s voice actor Chris Parnell revealed that he’s never clear, about which family we’re watching. He said he’s not sure if this was the family they started with, or if they are clones of clones, and said he can’t keep up with any of that. We may be able to uncover the secret of Jerry in the upcoming season.


The show had been given the permission to make fifty more episodes in 2018, and season 4 had ten episodes. We can expect more seasons after season 5.

The makers have revealed that they’re working on season 5 during lockdown, so it may not get delayed as much as other shows.

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