Gotham Knights: what was the reason behind choosing the court of owls as villains? Here’s what the developers had on their minds.

Not just the heroes but the villains too are an important part of the story. Having a strong villain in the shows or games is what increases the thrill of it as no one likes it to be easy or simple. It has been a long time since we have been waiting for DC Video Games Gotham Knights. Rumors about this Batman game created by WB Games Montreal has been spreading around the internet since very long but now all details about it was finally revealed by DC Fandom.

About the game

The game basically revolves around Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood who are the extended members of the Bat related family. Thus, the game seems to have so many antagonists. Apart from them, the primary villain of the game would be The Court Of Owls.

Recently, media people got to interact with Patrick Redding, the game’s director and he was questioned regarding the villain. Why did they choose The Courts of Owls as villain in the first place? Were there any more suitable villains for the game? Answers to this is given in the next paragraph.

To answer the above questions, Patrick said that The Court of Owls was the perfect match and brand new for the Batman Lore. He gave a description of what happens to the Gotham City as a result of the incidents that took place.

However, The Court of Owls company was recessive for a hundred of years and now finally at an instance they get such recognition. Isn’t it great? And this villain will be stopped by some young heroes who aren’t as popular as Batman. Well, apart from these, the another important aspect is that the game represents corruption, entrenched energy and wealth.