‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2 is coming very soon on Netflix! Here are the latest updates you need to know.

One of the best yet underrated shows of Netflix, Sweet Magnolias released in 2020. However, it is still popular among the viewers and they want the second part of it. So when will the filming for Sweet Magnolias season 2 start? When will it hit on the televisions? Read below to get all these information.


Maker of the series is Sheryl J Anderson, you might be knowing her for her superb work Ties That Bind and Charmed. The story basically revolves around three women and the challenges they face in their daily lives and the ways they tackle it. Announcement about the series’ arrival was made back in 2018 but it took two years of time and finally arrived 19 May 2020.


Sweet Magnolias season 2 confirmed or not?

Netflix officially announced the renewal of the show on 23rd July 2020. However, the showrunner posted a gif on her social media showing that she deeply indulged in writing the storyline for the second season. Sheryl Anderson also said that she is really excited to get back with another interesting story showcasing the three women.


How did the first season perform?

The show has been performing pretty well on the streaming platform, specially in countries like UK and US. It was in the top shows chart of US for thirty three days. And in UK it was for thirteen days in the same chart.


Expectations from the show

The conclusion of season one was really dramatic and this lead to a lot of questions to the fans. The very doubtful question that the fans have is that who was the passenger in the car? Probably this will be revealed in season 2. So now all we need to do is to wait for its arrival.