My Hero Academia revealed a gory reference with two faces and its nothing like you have ever seen!

The newest chapter of My Hero Academia’s Vigilates features a minute reference to Two-Face, the Batman Villain. This showcases on of the most intense fights in the lives of The Crawler and Pop Step. And villain Number Six was expecting to make his debut as a superhero. He hoped to become a hero with stories that would move the fans and make them worship him. So do you see that coming for villain Number Six? Well, here’s what you should know about him.

Number Six had plans that he would do it by taking references from The Flash, who is the famous DC Comics superhero. In addition, he even thought of wearing a similar costume like Nightwing, the Batman Comics Vigilante hero. However, Number Six was shown as a villain in the DC Comics after his face got badly disfigured due to the Endeavor’s flames. And he ultimately became a dead ringer for The Batman Villain, Two Face.

(Photo: Shueisha)

There was a fierce fight going on between Queen Bee and Endeavor, he got infuriated and his intense flames destroyed everything around him, which also included Number Six. However, the crawler were somehow able to avoid it.

After that chapter 84 gives us a sneak peek about how the villain is but it doesn’t seem anything great. We get to see that half of the face of Number Six has been destroyed and its all disfigured, however, half of the face is still the same. This makes him look really dangerous. And he said that although his body is gonna heal from all the injuries but he still aims to get The Crawler and kill him. While he was saying so, all his face was falling apart.