God of War: Ragnarök – The War Rages on Against the Norse Gods

The overpowered, yet imperfect father-son duo returns

The sequel for 2018’s God of War, titled God of War: Ragnarök released its first gameplay trailer. Kratos, the God of War and Atreus, his son are back, fighting against powerful enemies and arguing among themselves.

The trailer was unveiled today at the PlayStation Showcase event, and shows a more stunning depiction of the story. Kratos’s war against the Norse Gods are far from over, and this time he will be facing off against Freya and Thor. Even Mjölnir made an appearance, with the familiar thunderclap and lighting accompanying it. Enemies will also be dropping in through ghe Bifröst.

The time skip

God of War
Sony Entertainment

Ragnarök takes place a few years after the first game, and we can see Atreus is now in his mid to late teens. The story takes place during Fimbulwinter, or the “great winter” before leading up to Ragnarök’s arrival on Midgard.

Santa Monica Studios gave us a glimpse of new attacks, as well as Atreus’ new power of Runic Summon. Players get to visit all nine realms, compared to the six realms in the first game. The places include Vanaheim, Svartalfheim, and our main point of interest, Asgard.

The Real Thor

Sony Entertainement

From the firt-look poster of the characters, we see Thor to be much different from what we are used to. The developers have made Thor appear true to his original Norse legend. He will be heavy-set, hedonistic, and violent person, as compared to the heroic, tall, muscular, and lean version from the Marvel Universe.

The game is set to release in 2022, and will come to the PS5 and PS4, with a $10 upgrade path.

In the IGN review for the 2018 game, it was described as a masterpiece, and “the most stirring and memorable game in the series.” God of War: Ragnarök has definitely upped the scales, and promises to be much, much bigger.

Check out the trailer below: