Borderlands: The Version 3 has Some Interesting and Advanced Features for Better Experience. Details Below

Borderlands is a game that has been downloaded and played by several people all across the globe. A trending game on the internet among the players, this game is played across the world and is enjoyed by them, with a high rating on international game platforms, this game has the capability of releasing new features with the distribution of every version. This article will be discussing the same, the changes, and the updates that have been made to the 3rd edition of the game.

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  1. Mayhem Mode- level damage scaling to slide slam or melee are the new features, in addition to these, one can get new and better damage skills. Pet damaging scaling, vehicle damaging scaling, and many more. Mayhem levels are also added to Grenade mods which is the latest change, meant to please the gamers. The sources to loot to the spawn Mayhem Gear have been enabled to better one’s experience at playing.
  2. Hotfixes- to apply the same, one needs to go to the main menu and search for the sign of ‘Hotfixes Applied’ the melee and action skill damage skill is increased more over the versions released. There is better pistol damage, damage to COV, Dahl, Hyperion, Maliwan, and Jakob’s shotguns.
  3. Bounty of Blood Hotfixes- the two straggler townsfolk that were clapping their hands at the wrong time were then removed, Juno would get stuck on a walkway and was later stopped, instances, where cash registers would sometimes float, is now addressed with the new version.
  4. Hotfixes have been Nativized, vehicle health that would sometimes be cut off is now addressed and answered eventually.

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These changes are guaranteed to make the experiences of the player a better one.