Unsolved Mysteries: Netflix has Featured Mysteries that have Finally been Solved! Read Details below

Netflix never stops amazing us with the new features and the shows and movies that it releases every time again. With the latest ones to the ones in the past, all have stood up to our expectations and haven’t left a moment devoid of appreciation by us. The latest version of  Netflix, the modification that we are referring to here is that of the Unsolved Mysteries webseries, where we can submit a tip for any of the episodes that are currently streaming.

Let’s begin discussing what we will be sorted out with this article about the mysteries that had to be solved. Getting back to the moment when Craig Williamson went missing while they were on a business trip, off to Colorado Springs, his wife had a clear idea that he had to be alive while she was already convinced with the fact that he was suffering from amnesia.

As one would have expected, Williamson saw another run of the Unsolved Mysteries episodes regarding his disappearance and eventually was able to recognize himself. He claimed to have been beaten by two men and wasn’t able to recall much more than that, in fact, not even who his spouse was. After having met and reunited, the two took no longer to file for divorce and remain mere friends.

Craig Williamson: the spy who came in for apartheid
picture: the conversation

Getting to the next one on the list, an ice breaker revelation. A young lady named Bonnie Haim had disappeared soon after Christmas, 1992. Despite the Police believing in her having been dead, they were seen suspecting her husband, Michael Haim, as the one being the one responsible for her murder. However, meanwhile, Bonnie’s parents claimed she left Michael intentionally, there was another bunch of people that believed that he had killed her.

Bonnie Haim case: Man who found his long-missing mother's remains during home renovation takes stand at father's murder trial - CBS News
picture: CBS news

The game-changer was when a piece of skull was found on Bonnie’s former property, and as a consequence, Michael went to trial years, years later in 2019. The fact that he was found guilty of murdering his wife caused him the punishment of having been sentenced to life in prison.