Young Justice Season 4 to be Released Soon. Cast and Possibility of Season 5 Read more to find out.

Young Justice, the American animated series, is going to return for its fourth installment and we are can’t wait to see how the story unfolds in its upcoming season. There has not been much fuss about Season 4, but reportedly it is going to be mighty dark and fierce. The creators have some surprises for fans. The creators recently spilled the beans at the San-Diego Comic-Con held last year. Down Below is everything you need to know.

If you remember the series had its fair share of issues over the past couple of years as it was cancelled, despite performing well. It was done because apparently, the show diverged from its originally designed target audience. But the major fan following of the show saved it from drowning. There was a substantial delay in the release of Season 3. We earnestly hope that this course of events doesn’t repeat themselves.

The third season was well received by both critics and viewers as it had a massive 94% approval rating and an acceptance score of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, so we can expect season 4 to match those standards.


The story of Young Justice has been kept as quite a secret. However, the writers Vietti and Weisman, at San-Diego Comic-Con revealed that it will be continuing to explore the Beastboy and the main purpose of the characters in season 3 is to end the metahuman teenager’s trafficking. Other than these it was also disclosed that Lex Luthor would play a very key role in Season 4.

Young Justice Season 4 to be released soon, cast and possibility of Season 5. Picture: DC


The cast for the fourth season will include Jesse McCartney (Dick Grayson/Robin), Khary Payton (Kaldur’ahm/Aqualad), Jason Spisak (Wally West/Kid Flash), Nolan North (Superboy), Stephaine Lemelin (Artemis Crock), and others.

The release date of Season 4 of The Young Justice is yet to be announced, and however but rumours have it that it is expected to release in late 2020.

Season 5:

If everything goes well in the release of Season 4. We can expect season 5, but it is highly unlikely given the show’s reputation of being delayed and cancelled in the past.

Young Justice Season 4 to be released soon, cast and possibility of Season 5. Picture: DC