Yasuke: the story of the legendary Black samurai is coming as a Netflix movie. Check out release date, cast, plot and more updates.

Yasuke is a great Black warrior from Feudal Japan. It based on a true story and is basically a biography of “African Samurai”. Erik Feig is the producer of it. Whereas, Mike De Luca and De Luci are also helping for producing the film. Yasuke was the first to cross sword in Japan.


He used to serve in the Japanese Samurai during the 16th century in Japan. His birth place is Portuguese Mozambique and came to Japan as a menial. He was the first black man from Japan.

The story revolved around Thomas, Lockley, and Geoffrey Gizard. He was sent to India for serving the Portuguese. Afterwards he was again back to Japan according to the orders received by Jesuit Missionaries. Oda Nobunaga and Yasuke are good friends in the movie. Oda Nobunaga is feudal warlord. He wants to rule a clan-laden country. Yasuke was the only one to not be from Asia. However, he got the respect for being a Samurai.


Cast of the movie

The lead role of Yasuke will be done by “Chadwick Boseman”. He is from America and is a we’ll known actor specially because of his portrayal of real-life historical leaders. The actor seems to be so excited and desperate to play his role in the movie. Script of the movie is written by the very popular Doug Miro.


Release date of the movie

The film is currently in the pre production stage. No release date for the movie has been announced yet. We hope Netflix to soon reveal the release date for it.

People now a days seem to be more interested in watching history. They are gonna find the movie really amazing. Historians are really desperate to watch the movie. However, we’ll have to wait for a long time to watch it.