Before Having her Daughter Stormi with Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner had been in Several Messy Relationships

Relationships are the strongest bond that one is usually unable to understand. For the female, becoming a mother is a gift and also the man feels the happiness of becoming a father. However, what happens if the couple who are together giving birth to a child that doesn’t even belong to them?

The happiness flows along with the emotions of trust. Kylie Jenner was in a relationship with Tyga, after whom she got along with Travis Scott. The two have stayed together from 2017 and a year later, they had a child. The birth of the child seemed unplanned and was doubted not to be from Travis. Not only did her pregnancy get disapproval from her mother who was also the manager of Kylie’s business and she found her too early to have a child as it would hamper their business, but also was Travis in a state of shock.


What was the mystery behind her pregnancy?

Jenner was suspected of having that baby with either her ex, Tyga, or with her bodyguard. A unique reason for which she came along with Travis was her fear of staying alone and is thought to be the reason why she went up to him after breaking up with Tyga. Her relationship has not only filed with confusion in regards to her baby but also a bunch of other things which include their supposed breakup with Travis in 2019 as she was seen with her ex Tyga.


Was that her strategy or things went off the line? With the doubt about who was the father to her first child, there is another question added to the list of suspicions that is she currently with? What was the reason for her breakup with Travis is it did take place ever. Fans wait to get a clear idea about the mess that is becoming more difficult to comprehend with days passing by.