X-mas comes early for ”Senator Jackman” and look how this caramel-colored special friend is such a cutipie!!

Is there really anything this multi-talented superhero cannot do? A renowned actor, an eloquent singer and a fantabulous producer, Hugh Jackman has become a sensation all over the World.

Merry time with the poodle

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Cause we need a little Christmas right this very minute! #Allegra

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The superhero takes a break as he finds himself celebrating the preliminary days of the Christmas with his dog, Allegra, according to his recent Instagram post. Owner of the two adorable dogs, Dali and Allegra, Hugh never misses out a moment without them whenever he’s back home to spend some mellow time with his family.

Not only a proclaimed actor, Hugh Jackman is also a great family man who always does the best he can in the upbringing of his family. Whether it is taking his wife to the dinner or spending time with his kids, dropping them off to the school or it is just taking his dogs for a stroll, Hugh Jackman is sought after to be claimed as a complete man. The passionate dog lover always relishes the moments he gets to spend with his dogs.

The history of the adorable caramel-colored dog

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Heaven.#dali #allegra

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Down back in the Christmas of 2014, Allegra came out to be an early X-mas present and the person who gifted him as a present hasn’t been revealed to the public but what he said was quite heart touching,” Santa came early and he bought a sister for Dali”. The couple took no time in the naming of the dog as Allegra. Hugh is often found himself on social media, posting a number of pictures cuddling with his dogs. He claims that his dogs are the two vital members of the family.

Hugh always had a great love for the animals.

Hugh may be a Wolverine on screen, but all over the world what people know is that he is a Frenchie at heart!