Ahoy Netflix freaks! This SNL’s drama-meets-politics episode is a must-watch! you cant miss the “A Convoy Marriage Story” with a twist!!

The prominent American late-night television sketch comedy and variety show, Saturday Night Live, parodied a ‘marriage story,’ portraying none other than Kellyanne and George Conway.

What made this week’s episode more hilarious and inspiring

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It’s a (Conway) Marriage Story.

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Noah Baumbach’s Oscar-bait Netflix film trailer, titled ‘A Convoy Marriage Story,’ was showcased in this week’s Saturday Night Live show, making the show more hysterical than any other day in recent past. In the skit, the SNL cast member Kate McKinnon played Conway, while her husband George was portrayed by Beck Bennett. The show’s celebrity host, Scarlett Johnson, who had a role in the film, played as the couple’s therapist.

Mimicking a scene from the film, the duo was found bantering each other through their set of statements, as the show came alive after a series of monotonous episodes.

The scene was depicting the pair at the dinner table where George gets on his phone and sends out a tweet that reads: ‘Anyone who works for Trump is a demon.’ Kellyanne confronts George at the dinner table over the published post.

However, putting aside their differences, Kellyanne’s character chirping:

‘I love that we agree on the big stuff – like small government and no food for the poor!’

The couple is then seen yelling at a homeless man before enjoying an intimate kiss.

The story behind SNL’s ‘Marriage Story’ Parody

In the past few years, there has been a knockdown drag-out between the White House Counsellor, Kellyanne, and her Trump-hate-tweeting husband George Conway regarding Donald Trump’s presidency. George, a vocal Trump critic, never found himself away from the twitter, as his tweet against the US prez, earlier this year, questioning Trump’s mental state of health, just came out of the blue. But the couple, keeping all the differing opinions and alternative facts aside, managed to maintain a relationship together somehow.