Wrong timing of thunderstorm made Backstreet Boys got chased off their stage!

Fans from Hershey, Pennsylvania was not happy after Sunday did not go the way they planned it.

The Backstreet Boys band was forced to leave the Hersheypark stadium due to a thunderstorm.

Image: PennLive.com

As the audience started entering the Hersheypark Stadium, they were informed that the concert of Backstreet Boys is either going to be delayed or postponed all together due to bad weather conditions. The audience were told to take shelter under the grandstand if they have already entered the stadium. If they haven’t entered the stadium, they were told to go back to their cars or to head over to the Hersheypark.

Before the start of the concert of the Backstreet Boys, there was a thunderstorm followed by a heavy downpour.

But the guys from Backstreet Boys are considerate of their fans’ feelings. After the thunderstorm has passed, fans started re-entering the stadium through security and ticket checkpoints. After the thunderstorm and the heavy downpour have passed, they took over the stage and gave a wonderful performance. But it did not last as long as the audience would have wanted it to.

It was short. This has dissed fans as they took to Twitter to vent out their anger. As the tweets went, they showed how disappointed they were from the organizing team of the Backstreet Boys concert.

Another fan has asked the organizers as to why they haven’t informed them about the matter earlier.

However, Hersheypark’s authority still has not made any announcements regarding the concert that should be taking place on Monday. There was no news as to whether the concert on Monday will still go as planned or if it is getting postponed.