World Trigger season 2: check out release date, cast, plot and all exclusive updates on the anime series.

We are back with another interesting anime show for all the anime lovers. There are some breaking news related to the World Trigger season 2. Well, y’all will be happy to know that we are gonna talk about the official announcement for the anime show World Trigger’s renewal for a second season. The official announcement about the show was made in the Jump Festa event 2020.

Along with the renewal announcement there was the revelation of the shows trailer and also some essential visuals of the second season. Still there’s no release date disclosed yet. Toei Animation is the shows creator. Some other cast members include Yuki played by Yoma Kuja, Tomo Muranaka will be played by Kaji. Osamu Mikumo is there as Nao, Chika Amatori will be there to play Tamara. Yuichi Nakamura will play Yuichi Jin and Nobunaga Shimlaki will be there for playing Hus.

However, there are still many unconfirmed things about the show which the fans are desperate to know. Delay in the release of World Trigger season 2 is happening because it’s writer, Daisuke Ashihara is suffering from a really hazardous disease. Currently he’s in the hospital because of some intestinal problems and cervical spondylosis due to which his gall bladder has been removed.

In 2016 the writer revealed that his health is not under his control now. Due to this the series is hanging in an infinite loop. However, the fans are waiting for him to get well soon and haven’t lost hope yet. And they know that World Trigger season 2 is surely gonna happen.

The series has a lot of awards and fame to it’s credit. It got the 10th position in the Tokyo Anime Award Festival’s top 100 TV anime series of 2016.