Body Shaming Taken to Another Level by Cruel Fans as they Slammed Lil Wayne for Getting Engaged to a “Fat Sized” Australian Model

Lil Wayne, an American rapper is known for his rap songs. The singer has usually kept his personal life away from the public. Things seemed unique when that law was broken after his engagement. Yes, you heard that right, reports are circulating that he got engaged to an Australian model named La’tecia Thomas. Although nothing officially declared by the two, a series of events that took place to determine their engagement.

The song ‘funeral’ was one of a different kind. No one would have expected Lil Wayne, who kept away from publicising his life making a song that would declare his relationship with a ‘plus-sized model’. Although h didn’t name anyone, it turns out that it was La’tecia.

 A chain of events that guide that guess

The model was once asked about her engagement if that was true or not. To that, she said, yes she was engaged, although keeping the name a secret from the viewers. The model has a million fans on social media, different from Wayne’s divorced wife who kept away from social media. Lil Wayne met her in 2019 and was reportedly in love at their first sight after which she has been seeing spending time together with Wayne and his family. The two were spotted for engagement too. Reportedly their engagement.

 Fans’ take on their engagement

picture: facebook

Fans don’t seem pleased with the duo, they have taken rage out on social media and thrashed the couple for their match. Seems like fans haven’t accepted the two together and were hoping for something else from Wayne, a famous rapper who is known for his talent in his field and the model who had to face backlash due to her weight which they believed was a lot for any model.