Baywatch 2: Zack Afron and The Rock are coming to raise the temperature yet again! Check out release date, plot and all details.

The popular movie including genres like comedy and action, Baywatch is hopefully gonna come up with its second part. The film is basically an adaptation from the television series of the same name. Release date of the first Baywatch movie was 25 May, 2017.

The movie was super successful on the box office. It had a budget of $69 million and collected a sum of almost double of it $177.9 worldwide. However, it also got some negative reviews for its rumor and storyline. But there are drawbacks in almost all the things. Thus, ignoring these the movie was perfect.

When will Baywatch 2 release?

The renewal of the film for a second part is not yet confirmed. The makers haven’t announced anything about it yet. However, if the movie is renewed for a sequel, Baywatch 2 will probably land around 2021. But for now there’s no confirmation about its arrival.

Who all will be there in the cast of Baywatch 2?

Currently there’s no news about the release of Baywatch 2. Thus, talking about the cast is quite unfair. And we do not have much information about it too. However, there are probabilities that Dwayne Johnson will be back for his role as Mitch Buchannon.

There are some more cast members who will be returning for their lead roles. For instance, Zac Efron will probably get back as Matt Brody. Priyanka Chopra will again reprise her character that is Victoria Leeds. Alexandra Daddario will be back to play Summer Quinn.

But we should not hope anything from now. It may happen that we will get to see a complete new cast team. Thus, we’ll be back with more information once it’s officially announced. So stay tuned with Morning Picker to know more.