Wiser and Stronger Bebe Rexha snaps back at a male executive who called her old!!

Bebe Rexha proved that she has no time for men in the music industry. The singer shared on Instagram that one of the male executives has recently said that her brand was confusing and that she was getting too old to continue in the industry. Bebe Rexha highlighted the word male in her post, purposefully. To this male executive words, Bebe Rexha snapped back in the most appropriate way.

She posted on her Instagram account a picture of herself in lingerie and add the caption that she makes her own rules. She even said that because she is a singer, she posts sexy pics on her Instagram account. She added that she was 29 years old.

Bebe Rexha said that she is tired of listening to old women being called as hags and argues about it. The singer went on by adding that she indeed celebrates her age mostly because she is wiser and stronger. Bebe Rexha proved her point by adding that she is a much better lover.

On Instagram, Bebe Rexha let a lot of weight off her shoulders. Bebe Rexha said that she was fed up with being put in a box and reminded everyone that she makes her own rules.

Bebe Rexha said that she is going to celebrate her age and that she isn’t going to lie about being younger. She said she is not interested in making songs that will sell better just because they sound younger.

Bebe Rexha is going to turn 30 on August 30 and said that she is not going to run away from it. Bebe Rexha mostly known for her song, Call You Mine, has recently started hitting back on trolls who are fat-shaming her.

Bebe Rexha’s series of posts on Instagram has gained a lot of support from all female singers. Notably, Taylor Swift is one of the women.