New York’s Woodstock Music Festival celebrated 50th anniversary! Checkout some amazing facts about it!!

Woodstock Music Festival was one of the biggest festivals in New York. The music festival is going to celebrate its 50th anniversary below. Read on to find ten facts that are going to change the way you look at the festival.

  1. Woodstock was never organized in Woodstock. The music festival was always conducted in Bethel, New York. The music festival was conducted from 15th August to 18th August.
  2. As the grounds of the festival have started to become rubbish, the audience has taken the initiative to clean up the grounds themselves in the mornings.
  3. The festival ground was declared as a disaster area by Governor Nelson Rockefeller. After a few negotiations with the Governor’s staff, the festival grounds received help from the U.S. Army and had the assistance of a field hospital.
  4. Only a few people had the opportunity to see Jimi Hendrix’s performance at the first Woodstock music festival. This was so because his performance was scheduled on Monday and everyone has left by then.
  5. The area where the music festival was conducted was owned by a local dairy farmer. The farmer leased his 600 acres of land for $75,000.
  6. According to the Britannica, Woodstock music festival earned about $1.4 million just in tickets. The tickets fare for the music festival is $18 for advance bookings and $24 for on the door bookings.
  7. The first person ever to perform at the Woodstock festival was Richie Haves. However, Richie Haves was not supposed to be the opening act at the festival.
  8. According to the TIME during the Woodstock first festival, there are two deaths and two births confirmed. Though the details of the four have not been revealed, the doctor who helped in the delivery of one of the babies believes that he met both of them again as adults.
  9. Ever since its initiation in 1969, Woodstock had anniversary festivals celebrating, 10, 20, 25, 30 and 40 years. But in 1999, Woodstock had become famous for all the wrong reasons. Woodstock in 1999 was tarred with the news of rape allegations, looting, violence, and sexual assault.
  10. The Woodstock 50th anniversary festival was canceled this year. The main reasons for the cancellations were due to financial difficulties and the unavailability of acts for the festival.