Will we get a third season of Insatiable soon? Check out to know the answer here, along with the latest updates of the series.

Many of you who don’t know about Insatiable, it is an American dark comedy TV series. Lauren Gussis is the creator of the show. The story of the show is based on Jeff Chu’s 2014 article The Pageant King of Alabama.

The lead cast of the show includes Dallas Roberts and Debby Ryan. The show premiered with its first season on August 10, 2018. Its second season came out on October 11, 2019. Recent reports indicate the arrival of the third season of the show.

While explaining the ending of season two, creator Lauren Gussis also revealed his plans for a third season. The first season of the dark comedy series received mixed reviews. Critics tagged it as ‘offensive’ and accused it of ‘fat-shaming’.

Finally, at the end of season two, we get to see the pageant killer. And how Bob Armstrong is framed for the murders. Till now, Netflix has made no official announcement regarding the arrival of season three.

Is there any Release Date declared?

The first season arrived on Netflix on August 10, 2018, with its 12 episodes. For the second season, fans had to wait until October 11, 2019. 10 new episodes for season two aired then. Considerin the chronology, there is a gap of 14 months between two seasons. Therefore, we can expect the third season to fall in December 2020. Although, no trailer is out till now.

Who will be in the cast for season three?

There are high chances that the show will return with its third season. And if so happens, we can expect Ryan back in the role of Patty. We can assume the return of the rest of the main cast as well.

Dallas Roberts may return as Bob Armstrong Jr, Christopher Gorham as Bob Barnard, Arden Myrin as Regina and Sarah Colonna as Angie. We may also see Erinn Westbrook, Irene Choi, Michael Provost, Alyssa Milano and Kimmy Shields returning in their roles.