Will we ever get a season 5 of The Grand Tour? Check out latest plans for the show.

Like traveling? Have fun seeing pretty places around the globe? Then The Grand Tour is the show of your kind. The show that not only makes one travel the world but also experiences the fun at each place. Exploring a place is a fun activity and this show has it all. With 3 seasons down, the 4th one was nearly completed when the pandemic broke out in 2020. The pandemic had stopped the shooting for all the series including this.


The 4th season was ongoing when that halt took place. Some seasons are yet to be released and many have been released. The response by the viewers was fulfilling for the creators. 

What will happen to the remaining episodes of season 4?

The shooting for the season stopped midway through and was expected to continue when things got normal at the original pace before the pandemic had shut the industries.


With all the episodes already available for a watch, the remaining will be shot as soon as possible and then will be out for the fans to watch. 

Can we expect the 5th season after the 4th season?


With nothing certain in a clear picture, we can expect the 5th season to be released in a short duration of time following the wind up of the 4th season which hasn’t ended yet. The 5th season is assured to take place as when the story of the series was drafted, the 5th season was originally defined to be out for a release and hence the show won’t end without the release of the 5th episode. Now, all that one can hope for is the pandemic to end soon and the shooting to resume so that the episodes that were left to be released can be out as soon as possible.