The Dragon Prince: Season 4- Is it happening? Check out for release date, cast, plot and major updates.

The Dragon Prince, the series that has touched the hearts of many viewers, a world of animation and fun, the series is one of its kinds. With three seasons down, the fourth is awaited for by the fans. Everyone was waiting for the official announcement regarding the 4th season.

The makers of the series had claimed the release of the 4th season soon after the 3rd one got over. Fans were eager to hear the piece of news about its renewal, the year of release was not mentioned at the time of declaration. Assuming how things are going, it might take some time now.

What was the cause of the delay in the 4th season?

The 3rd season got over and was followed by the announcement for the release of the 4th season. With no information regarding its release, the season will be out undoubtedly. Fans who were dicey about the condition of the season, they have a good piece of news to hear.

The pandemic has given a big shock to several industries, the entertainment industry being one majorly hit. The work has stooped since then and will be taking a while before resuming. All the series have taken a toll at the release of their upcoming projects and they resuming to work is under contemplation.

The Dragon Prince season 4 is one to experience a similar fate, with the delay majorly due to the pandemic that has made it tough for the shooting to proceed. The date for the release has not been made official as the season is undershooting and will be taking time for the post-production to complete until the release of the season and hence, the fans need to show some patience due to the unprecedented delay that took place.