Will we be getting Frozen 3 with Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel in 2021? If yes, when will it release exactly and what will be the plot?

After two back to back box office hit given by the two respective Frozen film franchises, fans are already looking forward to more adventures from the sisters of Arendelle. So is a third film on the cards yet?

Is There Going To Be Another Disney Frozen Film Or Not?


While there is no confirmed news about another Frozen movie, actor Josh Gad has recently opened up about his role , the adorable snowman Olaf who was surely worth melting for! The Actor said while he cannot be sure about a solo Olaf movie, a Frozen film’s future is still very much in the air.

Olaf getting a solo movie became a thing considering in the post credit scenes in the second Frozen movie, the snake man was seen partying with other creatures created by Elsa. So, fans are already looking forward to knowing more about them.


The Makers Have Yet Not Confirnes Another Film About The Daughters Of Arendelle.

However, the fact that the Frozen Franchise has turned out to be the absolute jackpot for Disney with a collection of almost $145 million! However, the sisters did mention that the adventures is pretty much over this being a wrap for the story for now.


Moreover, while there’s no possibility of a third film now but Chris Buck did teased a small possibility saying that nothing ever completely closed the door. So a third film can happen considering the second season did end on an open ended terms. However, the studio giant is busy with several other big tentpole projects so a third film might take some time. If it happens the same cast will be assembled for a third adventure as well.