Some Celebrity Feuds Are Going On For Years Now and their hate is evident! Check out who has bad blood between them!

Celebrity kids lead a life that is all.about glitz and glamour. However, these young children and teenagers are also not free from all the ongoing drama. Some of these celebrity kids have beef with other children and it’s all about the drama!

These Celebs Have Feuding With Each Other For A Long Time Now!

Apparently, after the cold feud that happened between Kanye West and Jay Z after Kanye expressed her rather regressive political views, even their kids are not on talking terms. They have never been close though but are not exactly friends either.

Selena and Singer Lorde also had an ongoing feud going on when Lorde expressed her anger over Selena’s song Come and Get it. Lorde even issued a Social medias post writing that the song is against her feminist belief. After saying this on yet another interview, it was Selena who ultimately opened up about the whole allegation made on the song and said that Lorde doesn’t really know the true meaning of feminism. Selena also.refused to perform any of Lorde’s songs in any concerts.

Some Celebrity Feuds Date Backs When They Were Co-Stars.

Another very famous and heated feud is between Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice. Their feud happened way back went they both starred in the same Nickelodeon show. Ariana Grande did not even include Justice on her music video Thank You, Next even though other cast members were present in the chart-topper music track.

Moreover, who can forget about the infamous yet controversial feud between Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods. The two have been friends for over ten years but things went down the hill when Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe with Jordyn!