Life Was Not Always As Simple For Disney Star Zendaya As It Appeared To Be! Check out the dark phase of her Disney life.

Zendaya is now a successful mother celebrity with many upcoming big tentpole films and series with her name on it! We know her from a. very young age when she was a big name in the world of Disney as well.  However, the star had to face some inconveniences on her way while starting of as a young teenage actor at Disney.

Zendaya Had To Face Various Issues As A Young Disney Star Back In The Day.

However, while Disney has given Zendaya all the fame, it was not always that simple for the Disney star. Zendaya has spoken and been absolutely candid about the life that she had which including long hours of shooting and doing rehearsals.

Not only that when Zendaya got her big break with the popular show Shake It Up, she soon became good friends with costar Bella Throne. However, with constant comparisons drawn between the two by various media outlets, it was too much for the star.

Zendaya Has Asked For Some Changes While Working With Disney On Further Projects!

There was a point when Zendaya had to leave her individuality behind as there was a time when even her social media, her dresses, interviews everything was decided by the studio giant. However, this soon was not the case and Zendaya did make some changes.

Later when Zendaya bagged the offer as the kickass detective in yet another Disney show she asked for a showing a family of color to represent the cultural diversity which was missing from the world of Disney, according to many viewers. It seems like many young actors like Zendaya had to go through constant pressure of comparison and other issues while starting off as a young child artist.