Will the release date of ‘New Mutants’ be delayed? Check out for release date, and all latest updates.

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What happens when something that you had planned goes south? What if one has planned to make an appearance at a particular time and due to unavoidable circumstances it gets delayed for a long time? This is something that might be shown in movies and series, however, is much possible in real life as well. The unfortunate faith that The New Mutant has faced is something that has become the talk of the box office.

He re-envisioned the classic Demon Bear comic (New Mutants #18) with the stars of the New Mutants. Take a look at Bill Sienkiewicz exclusive poster! #NewMutantsComicConAtHome

Posted by New Mutants on Thursday, July 23, 2020

It was supposed to be out for a watch in 2017, however, due to the way it turned out to be was not liked by the team, it had to be reshot to ensure the best comes out of the movie. A must watch as could be seen by the hype that was created around it, the movie is awaited to be out the soonest it can. The promo that was released told that the trailer of the movie would be released soon, with the anonymity about the exact date remaining maintained. 

Then when will the movie be released?

Today’s the day. 8 hours until #NewMutantsComicConAtHome. Tune in on the official Comic-Con YouTube channel.

Posted by New Mutants on Thursday, July 23, 2020

Not much is known due to the pandemic conditions that have been created, however, as the promo said that the movie will be released on 28 August, the release date even if shifted would remain around that time. Fans who were waiting for the movie to get released have not much to worry about as the date is expected to shift only a bit, if at all.

However, as the release date is approaching closer, it will be out sometime soon with slight delays that may be caused by the pandemic. The retakes of the scenes that were decided to be taken by the team will bring new light to the movie.