Dave Bautista was interested in the role of Bane in the movie ‘The Batman’! Check out for more details.

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Marvel is enjoyed by people worldwide. People of every age group prefer watching marvel movies or DC as per their preferences. Batman series is one of the famous series in the industry of entertainment. Anyone who has watched the batman series must be knowing of the fun these series have in them. The characters are fun and are loved by everyone who has ever watched it. Marvel releases movies every year with new themes and they come on the box office, breaking all the previous records that were made by any series before that.

Many characters that are involved in the marvel series make it complete. Every character has something unique about itself. From the first movie in the series, the industry knew something great was awaiting them with the upcoming characters and the seasons in which they would be playing the roles. what if we were to imagine different characters from what is originally played now in the series? What if there was more diversity in the performers of the characters.

What is the speculation about the Bane role?

As the series gets released from one season to the other, there are comments made by various performers who make their personal opinions about the series and what according to them could have been better. The comment that Dave Bautista made about the role of Bane in the marvel series Batman was talked about. He said that he was trying to get that role. What turned out to be in the end was good without a doubt, however, the performer said that he was trying for getting that role.

Despite it remaining a desire, it was good the way it had turned out to be. The series was enjoyed by the viewers regardless of the roles that were allocated.