Katie Holmes took a stroll with daughter Suri Cruise in a weird pair of yoga pants and ugly sandals! Fashion disaster???

By 2 weeks ago

Celebrities that maintain a low profile and are down to earth are the most loved by their fans. What makes a person great is their humbleness at times of need and when they have everything. Very few in the entertainment industry are such who maintain a low standard when they are out in public.

Usually, celebrities maintain a high standard with what they wear, how they walk, and the behavior they have towards others. Usually, they don’t interact with the general public and have their desires with how they look. At times when we see celebrities having a grounded appearance and a normal behavior out in public places, they are usually the game-changers.

What was the reason behind Katie Holmes being in the news?

Katie Holmes was talked about in the recent times due to her appearance in the public in New York when she was spotted with Yoga dress and was wearing footwear that was considered an ugly fashion in the fashion world. Even though it’s only speculation of people, celebrities like her have proved that what we are matters more than what we look like or how classy we are.


Since the entertainment industry is filled with people who wear expensive clothes, footwear, have high expenditures, Katie was the one standing beside everyone else due to her normal and decent appearance. She was accompanied by her daughter who was seen out for a walk.

What must be appreciated is that she was wearing a mask at times when she should have been doing that. A proper health-conscious person is, also a grounded person who does not worry about what the others think about her and has to carry on living the basic and normal lifestyle that she likes.