Will Season 3 of ‘One-Punch Man’ Too Face the Same Uncertain Delay due to Pandemic?

A Japanese franchise adapted into manga series, and later anime, One-Punch Man was created by the artist ONE. The series is famous for its led role of the character Saitama, a brave and powerful here who can scramble anyone with one punch of his. The character is a fun-loving one who does things for his amusement. The second most loved character pf the show is Genos, who is teamed up with Saitama and leaves on a mission to defeat another cyborg who executed his family in addition to eradicating his hometown.

With that mission, they encounter several other superheroes who they collaborate with and move of missions.


Its manga and anime versions

The comic was released in 2009. After that, there was no force to stop its manga and anime adaptation due to the excellent reviews that the magazine received. The anime was first released in Japan in 2015 and a year later, the English version of it got premiered. The second season released in 2019 and was promised for the third series in the franchise. The third season is yet to be released this year.

As this year is filled with ups and downs and delays, there is no assurance of the third season to be released anytime soon, until the end of this year. With all the production houses shut and shooting next to impossible to happen, not only this series but several other series have not premiered in the box office.


Fans wait to see the story continue in the third season to see the adventurous expenditure of their favorite star. No one can do anything now until the lockdown restrictions are brought back to normalcy which directly depends on the situation of coronavirus in the world, which in turn seems tough to come under control.