Attack on Titan: Despite the Trailer Launch, Release of the Next Season Continues to Remain Unclear

Attack on Titan, a Japanese manga series is based on the story of a lady and dates back to2 millenniums ago. The name of the lady is Ymir Fritz and was the one who came across the “Devils of the Earth” who by chance were first humanoids and later got converted unto Titans. The story revolves around the time when the creatures who ate humans existed and is expanded on the same grounds. 

Eren Jaeger comes across his mother losing her life to one of the monsters and that forced him to take a vow of demolishing al the Titans from the land. That led to the expedition start.

When will the upcoming season release?

The series has completed 3 seasons with the 4th one yet to be released. The ongoing pandemic not only makes it tough to predict when the release of a series or movie will take place but also makes it difficult to plan the work that the artists or the producers would resume back on and when they will be doing the same. The 4th season will be an all-time favorite for the fans as they have reacted on social media.

The first three seasons have lived more than what the fans had expected from the series which lead them to make the 4th season to continue the story on. Fans got a tinge of an idea about what the storyline of the 4th season would be after the trailer was released.

The trailer showed the expedition that would be carried forward in the search of Titans and killing them by the major characters who unite for the same cause, to kill the Titans. Despite the trailer being released, there is no official announcement of the season releasing for streaming and watching.